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A different approach to the Motorcycle Industry

Our goal is to sell you the best off-road motorcycle that we can and the replacement parts for that motorcycle at the best possible prices. How do we do that? By keeping our overhead low and selling directly to you the customer without the middlemen. It’s always bothered us to look at the cost of the motorcycle or part at the manufacturer’s cost and then see what you, the customer, actually paid for it. Here’s a real-world example from a brand that we use to sell: A 300cc two-stroke cost us $7400. We sold it to the dealer for $8400 plus $400 to ship it to him. He sold it to you for $9900. Why not just sell it to you for the $8400? And most of the bikes that were sold were sold by us anyway. The customer would call us for information because they knew that we, the US distributors, knew more about the product than anyone else except the manufacturer. Even if the customer went to the dealer to buy their motorcycle, they still called us first 90% of the time. Don’t get me wrong……we understand what the dealer does every day and that they have their hands full running their business. They don’t have time to figure out every minor detail about the bike as we do. They are not a gathering point for information like we are on almost everything that the bike does well and everything that breaks on the motorcycle like we are. They don’t talk to the factory that builds the bike every day by phone or email as we do. They don’t visit the factory a couple of times each year as we do. We simply feel that we, the US distributor for Jotagas, can give you more information about the motorcycles than anyone else in this country.

Every time a part goes through someone else’s hands it pretty much doubles. A part that costs us $5 dollars costs the dealer $10 and the customer $20. I’m ok with that if the dealer spends the money and effort to stock parts but not if they only order the part when YOU need it. Every brand out there has a small number of dealers who have built a business model around stocking a big number of parts and selling them through the internet because the local dealer doesn’t stock parts. Again……I get it. A dealer with a new small brand may sell 5 bikes a year and might make $500 each. That’s $2500 gross profit. He’s not going to buy $10,000 in parts. Yeah, there’s an argument that he should and he could make money that way but a lot of small dealers who sell these brands don’t have a spare $10k for parts. So, if I’m going to spend $50,000 to stock the parts and they have to be ordered anyway why not just sell them to the customer? We make our same margin and you save money and you buy more parts and you tell your friends how much money you’re saving and we sell more! What a concept, isn't it?

Got questions? Give Clay a call at 615-347-6519. He’ll answer the phone if it’s between 8 am and 8pm CST if he’s not on the line with someone else or riding his motorcycle. If he doesn’t answer leave him a message or send him a text and he’ll call you back. Do you want to ride a bike before you buy it? Call or email Clay and set up a date and time that you can visit the Nashville, Tennessee area and Clay will take you on a demo ride. Too far away? We will split the cost of a plane ticket up to $500 with you if you buy the bike and we will pick you up at the Nashville airport. Bring your wife with you and make it a weekend. Nashville is a really fun town! (Sorry we’re not paying for half of her ticket!)

This is a heck of a deal! A premium European brand 250 or 300cc two-stroke with e-start, back up kick start and six speeds for $8500. When you buy a bike from us we remove the bike from the crate it came in, go over every nut and bolt on the bike, sell you accessories and install those accessories for free, sell to you and install heavier springs if needed, set the sag for your weight, re-crate the bike fully assembled and ship it to your home or business for $400 or less. All you have to do is remove the plastic covering the bike, remove the straps, roll the bike out of the crate and pour in fuel. It's ready to go. Your time is valuable and there’s no need to spend your limited riding time setting up a bike. Let us do it for you! Need financing? We can help with that too.

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